Scent Roche Perfume Bottles

I have created these bottles together with Kateřina Šantochová, the founder of Scent Roche.

Kateřina approached me with the idea of ​​”bottomless” glass bottles for personal scents, which she mixes from rare natural essences. Kateřina was upset that every time the customer used up the perfume, he threw away the bottle and a new one was needed. We both wanted to avoid creating more waste, so I designed a bottle that can be filled with fragrance as many times as the customer wishes. It can be carefully cleaned, so it doesn’t even matter if you change the perfume.

The pure glass shape is sometimes complemented by an extravagant stopper, which refers to natural essences and nature as such. Bottles are made by hand and thanks to that, each piece is really unique.

All done in the famous and traditional Novoborská glassworks.
I make the stoppers from a special material reminiscent of artificial stone and I fit them into bottles by hand.

Everything hre has bee specially designed and manufactured to suit this young brand.