The pedestral object stems from my long-term interest in structures, stones and rocks as such.
The ideas were sketched, on my way through the Canadian mountains. The vision to transfer the structure to a glass object, combined with a simple geometry, I then tried to express using the combined lithographic techniques. According to the graphic designer I created, I followed and took them as final proposals / visions. The combination of a smooth, geometrically clean surface balancing on an organic shape with a coarse and rough structure that captures my sketchy approach to creation. This is what Pedestral expresses for me. An object that looks like a different world and my wish would be for the user to use it as a small design conference table.

The whole production process is very playful and each piece is a completely original with a special process and I would say an alchemical piece. The objects are blown into the stones, then stained with oxides or coloured glass crushes, so for me the production of objects itself is such a different way of sketching. With material that has its authentic character and needs to understand it to be the result according to your ideas. My goal is to find new approaches and procedures to naturally get the structure into the glass. And because the time in the workshops belongs to my favourite, I hope that my vision will be fulfilled.