Eliška Monsportová was born and raised in Příbor, the Czech Republic. A small city surrounded by the Beskydy Mountains. Growing up in nature together with her love for mountains and plants have allowed her to take a lot of inspiration from her surroundings which is reflected in her current work. She is an artist, engraver, multidisciplinary designer and a glass lover with a creative personality and a huge passion for arts and crafts.

Currently living and working in Prague, she specialises in engraving, processes, materials and often tailor-made jobs for clients. Eliška likes to develop art pieces that turn into something weird and different, calm and humble, under her skillful hands.

She uses her hands to create objects on her own, because that way she can give in to her imagination and bestow upon each piece a part of her personality. She wants her objects to resemble fictional or fantasy elements, that exercise one’s imagination and instigate sensation. Her vast and diverse portfolio includes vases, mirrors, lights, art objects, trophies and much more.


  • 2019–2021: Masters degree on Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Glass studio under Rony Plesl
  • 2015–2019:  BcA. Graduation on Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague, Glass studio under Rony Plesl
  • 2011–2015: Graduation on Secondary Art School in Ostrava, Ceramic Design 82-41-m / 012 Fine pottery and porcelain


  • 2020: Prizes for the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
  • 2020: J&T Bank – golf trophy for J&T tournaments
  • 2019: J&T Bank – golf trophy for J&T tournaments
  • 2018: J&T Bank – golf trophy for J&T tournaments
  • 2017: Ministry of Culture, proposal to award the Artis Bohemiae Amicis Prize (awarded by the Ministry of Culture to persons who have contributed to the dissemination of the reputation of Czech culture in the Czech Republic and abroad).
  • 2016: Graphic design posters for the exhibition „Postwar 45-89“ in the project „DOCOMOMO: Prague’s post-war architecture. „for Czech Technical University, Faculty of Architecture


  • 2019: part of group exhibition Awakening in Sirin gallery,  Copenhagen – collection of vases
  • 2018: Colours of Transparency výstava Ateliéru skla na London Design Fair
  • 2018: Glassfest – 18. Festival uměleckého skla, Karlovy Vary
  • 2017: Prague NOW!, Clam-Gallasův palác, Praha
  • 2017: Czech design Week (jaro) , Praha
  • 2016: MANIFESTO, Palazzo Clerici – Miláno
  • 2014: „Harvest“ exhibition of students of Central School of Arts


  • 2020: Karolina Vorlikova
  • 2020: Scent Roche
  • 2017: Cihelna concept store
  • 2016: Artěl
  • 2016: creative maker at handmade paper shop Papelote
  • 2015: Materials for costumes Brumovice / designer clothes – seamstress
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